Are you grateful for yourself ?

Access Bars

I am grateful sometimes , then those mean cruel judgments come in & those demons whisper in your ear about how bad , wrong , regretful & awful you are.

Well when that happens be sure to tell those demons to f%*k off & Poc & Pod all that allows the judgements to be there.

I watch my mother judge herself & battle those inner demons my whole life & I still see it in nearly everyone I see.

It’s so mean to judge ourselves , it’s actually more evil to judge yourself then others.
And to be honest if you don’t have self judgements , you can’t judge others.
You only have allowance & receiving of everyone & everything .

To be honest until I started having my “Bars Run” it was easy to judge .
Now I have “The Bars every week” it’s nearly non existent.
Just easier to be me without mental fuzz or condemnation of Being.
My life with the tools of @accessconsciousness is a life of ease, joy & glory with way more appreciation for self.
Today I am using gratitude to combat the energy of judgment in my world.
What are you choosing to create in your Being in the world ? ❤️🌏❤️