Cooking For Health

What if Your Food Norished Your Body at Home and Class?

I love making delicious food for me & my friends. 🙌🏽🥒🥬🥦🌽🍅🥗🥙🍒🥝🍇 Simple & phenomenal food.🙌🏽🥗🙌🏽 Locally grown & super tasty.🥬🥒 I am a Qualified Chef completed when I was 19years of age. I left as soon as I qualified because of illness.

The industry back then was not a revered as it is these days.

I left because it made my body sick , there was lots of drugs , drinking & violent abuse in many kitchens I worked in.

I had lots of un-healthy habits & was physically & mentally abused .

I ended up extremely sick in & out of hospitals for years after I left the industry.

I studied acupuncture & other natural health modalities & retrained myself out of addiction , mental & physical dis-ease.🙌🏽 I am so glad I learnt this incredible skill & creative art of cooking .

I am also glad I got to learn & survive & leave to become a Facilitator or healing Consciousness that has changed my body & life. 💜💚💛❤️💙 Health isn’t just the food you eat .
It’s is the thoughts you eat, the emotions you eat , the behaviours you eat & I say eat because your body eats everything you do.

So if you would like to change the way you eat or digest life then Jump ok & join me in this “Zoom video series Transformation With Bodies”.
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To join the Fun & Change in Energy Levels.

We will be going into everything you ever ATE that you didn’t get rid of.

Now is the time to have a Happy Body Happy Life 🙌🏽🌈🙌🏽

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