Energy . Consciousness . Spirit Whispers .

Are you listening BEYOND the voices & the words in your head ?

Are you listening to the wind , the breeze, the grass the flowers & the trees?🌿🌸 Are you listening to the waters , the waves , the streams & the fish?

Are you listening to the stars , the sun & the space in between?

Everything is Consciousness , everything is energy , everything has a voice a whisper.

Expand out through every molecule of the earth , the forests , the oceans , rivers & streams.
Expand out from the earth into the space the stars into Infinite Space & RECEIVE the whispers of the unseen Great Spirit.

Let everything be your friend, your guide , your inspiration .

🦋🌸🍃 Speaking to the Unseen Universe Around You.

Transformation Sessions
Space Clearings
Energy Clearings

Below are some amazing class recordings I highly recommend or you can check out any of the other tools on the Talk to the Entities website shop

Are you keen to clear entities around your house, land or buildings?  Try running this clearing loop!

Are Deamons stopping you from creating greater? Clear them away with this clearing loop.

Are you looking to dive deep into learning the Talk To The Entities tools?
This TTTE Beginning class is a great place to start!

Alison & MJ

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