Kids & Parenting

I work with families of all ages, from babies in the womb during pregnancy, all aged kids , teenagers, siblings to the parents & grandparents.

I have also helped mothers during pregnancy with the babies requests of foods , exercise or rest requirements from the babies spirit .This was great to lessen mothers morning sickness or other bodily disturbances during the trimester.

Pregnancy / Birth Support.I have also helped deliver a baby being an emotional & a body support for the mother as a hands on experience to help reduce pain , stress or trauma during the pregnancy.This was an incredible experience for myself & the mother . This was her second baby , reporting how easy this birth was in comparison & also the baby is so much calmer from all the body work & breathing exercises I shared with her.

Beyond working with babies & mothers I also do house calls too many houses to help with different emotional / trauma or behavioural experiences with children or teenagers or mediation with parents & siblings. I share conscious communication skills , breathe work & energy communication exercies. Learning how each brain & person is responding to another is an incrdible viable way for change in family dynamics.  

What do we offer ? Many different exercises, Bars Brain Wave Sessions, tools & breathing energy techniques for autistic , ADHD or other different spectrums of different ways of functioning.

Mainly I bring peace , understanding & forward moving options for each person & family member to have less stress inducing responses & more Conscious Way of functioning as a group team offering tools to have more ease in family dynamics.

How does it get better than this ?
what else is possible? 💚🦋🌈

Below are some amazing books and class recordings I highly recommend or you can check out any of the other tools on the Access Consciousness Website