Only One Can Change It

Alison Heart

Fierce , gentle , kind , killer , tender , soft woman .

What a fucking wormhole I just went through , down into the deepest fibres of my body .
Bringing up the dark forces of unhappiness , the source for my fight with all things difficult .

There is only one who can change it , with the support of others & my spirits of light & earth Me it’s my choice my power ✊🏾☀️
The subconscious rises like a rage of fire burning through the night🔥
Ready for the oceans of water to cool them & soothe the burning earth for new growth .
New emerging buds of nutrients will grow in time with wonder , colours & opportunity for New Life .

I died many times & I chose life .

The breathing , the touching , the sensuality , the calling of mystery .
I am safe in my curiosity for a life of ease , light & joy.
I am everything I am woman & man & trees & the sun ☀️ I am everything I am 🌈