Just received these picture from our amazing “Free Bars Clinic “ for #suicideawareness 🙌🏽 A mother took these pictures . Two of her 3 children were having their Bars Run in this picture it was incredible .

Sensing all the frustration & hyperactivity coming out of her sons brain, anxiety about performing in sports ect.
I could feel his brain releasing those fears & he just took deep breaths & relaxed better.

All ages , all races , all kids of issues of all people can be changed & EASED by the Bars & other Access Body Process’s.

I have recently had news about a school friends brother committing suicide .😢 It made me just ready to RUN as many Bars on people as I can. So who & where else can we Run Bars to change the peoples worlds I wonder ?

What else is ready to be cleared for kids & parents & teenagers of the world?🌏